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The Clique Tattoo Training Course is your gateway to entering the tattoo industry. This program provides a thorough curriculum covering the essentials of tattooing, including design, composition, shading, line work, and needle usage. Additionally, students will learn both traditional and contemporary tattooing techniques.

“Our mission is to continuously find the best ways to train the next generation of Tattoo Artists and to transform the way tattoo education is delivered.

About our Tattoo Training Course

What you will get with our coaching program:

  • Understand how to start & grow your tattoo business

  • Tattooing is done on practice skin with real equipment & supplies are provided by the training academy. Line work practice & shade practice on fake skin with actual tattoo machines and permanent inks

  • You will learn cross contamination, tattoo theory, skin depths, proper needle groups, different pain zones in the body, importance of the waiver form, outlining, shadowing, shading, and color packing

  • We provide live work experience

  • Expert instructors in the tattoo - when not teaching classes, they are busy tattooing

  • Health and safety regulations

  • Tattoo machine and setup

  • Bloodborne pathogens and cross-contamination prevention

  • Tattoo techniques

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  • You get to learn the basics of tattooing

  • Health and safety included

  • Designing a tattoo

  • Linework and tiny tattoos are taught

  • 6 Days of training included


  • You get to learn the basics of tattooing

  • Health and safety included

  • Designing a tattoo

  • linework and basics of shadowing are taught

  • sketching is taught

  • Color packing

  • 10 days of training included

3 WEEK COURSE ($3500+ HST)

  • This is an advance course

  • You get to learn everything from the basics to advanced level

  • You understand linework and shading in more detail

  • Sketching is included

  • Color packing & Designing a tattoo

  • 18 days of training included



Let us coach you so that you can get to

your goals faster and avoid costly


What Makes Us Different

Since we teach in a tattoo studio, you get to experience real life clients and criteria's.

You can bring a friend and our educators guide you towards your first tattoo.

Longest time frame of course provided all over Canada.

Upto 60 hours of training, Flexible financing & training hours.

We provide hands on training & teach you best yet latest techniques and industry practices.

The Largest Tattooing Community

From apprentice to shop owner, we've got you covered.


Students and their work


What is the fee structure for your courses?

Our fee structure varies depending on the course and duration. We offer detailed information on fees during the initial consultation. Please contact us directly for a customized fee breakdown.

Do you offer flexible hours or days for classes?

Yes, we understand that our clients have different schedules and commitments. We offer flexible hours and days to accommodate your needs. You can choose from morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend classes.

Is it possible to reduce the fees?

We strive to offer competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality training. However, we do offer discounts and promotions periodically. Please inquire about any current offers or financial assistance options during your consultation.

Will I get hired after completing the training?

While we do not guarantee employment, our courses are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge that can significantly enhance your job prospects. We also provide job placement assistance and networking opportunities with industry professionals.

Does your training help with obtaining residency?

Our training programs are just focused on providing professional skills and certifications.

Where are you located, and do you offer remote training?

We are located at 2510 Countryside Dr Unit 6, Brampton, ON L6R 3T4 . Yes, we offer remote training options to accommodate clients who cannot attend in person. Our online classes are interactive and provide the same level of education and support as our in-person sessions.

Can I pay the fees in installments?

Yes, we offer installment payment plans to make our courses more accessible. You can discuss and set up a payment plan that suits your financial situation during your consultation with our admissions team.

Phone : +1(365)-883-3333

Address : 2510 Countryside Dr Unit 6, Brampton, ON L6R 3T4